BBQ - Cooking Outdoors!

Gardens in summer become an extension of the house, and eating outdoors on long balmy evenings is one of the pleasures during the warmest months. Bring the cooking out too and you'll never want to go in: it's no surprise increasingly sophisticated BBQs are being developed all the time.  We here at California Gardens put great faith in Weber BBQs.  As a family we have cooked on their gas or charcoal BBQs for years!

Cooking over fire is the traditional way, and in our garden centre you'll find plenty of options.

Take it one step further and you can enjoy a firepit, a stylish bowl of fire free-standing which is the best way to give off maximum heat. They're just like a bonfire, cooking your food and keeping you warm so you can carry on cooking and eating outside even after it turns chillier in the Autumn.

Cooking on gas gives you instant heat that's completely adjustable. We have gas-fired barbecues to take your outdoor kitchen to a whole new level, including models with multiple burners, roasting heads, work tops and built-in storage.

Please ask the staff in our Howden garden centre for more information and advice about cooking in the garden.