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The coffee shop which provides the whole experience

California Garden Centre understand that when you go to a garden centre, you don't just want to shop. You don't just want the very latest in the greatest brands of gardening tools, supplies, and equipment. You also want great advice that fits your own unique set of circumstances so you can breathe life into your garden. You also want great planting materials that thoroughly matches the temperature zone requirements of the plans you're thinking of planting. We offer all this. However, after many years of closely listening to our customers' feedback on how we can provide the ultimate garden centre shopping experience, we understand that many garden centre shoppers are also looking for great food. This is why we have put together a coffee shop that stands head and shoulders over our competitors. This is why we have put together the coffee shop Selby residents crave and love going to over and over again.

The coffee shop Selby residents are craving

To become the coffee shop Selby seek out, we offer not just great food and drinks, we also offer a wide range of offerings. We also consciously created a great ambiance where you can truly relax in the middle of your garden centre shopping experience. This is our understanding of the kind of coffee shop Selby residents and gardeners would not just like but also consider a local institution. This is the kind of big thinking and customer experience-focused planning that has made California Garden Centre the premiere garden centre in our area of coverage. Come visit us today and see for yourself how our keen attention to detail translates into the very best customer service and experience.

Coffee Shop Selby  Coffee Shop Selby  Coffee Shop Selby