About Us

In 1879 the Hall Family started growing at California Gardens.

Initially only fruit and honey were produced but vegetables were introduced by the turn of the century followed by cut flowers and small plants. In 1929 the new Howden by-pass to the recently constructed Boothferry Bridge cut the nursery in two and fruit, flowers and vegetables were sold to passing motorists. This trade increased and greenhouses were built to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and other produce.

At the same time other nurseries were being established in the Howden area with a considerable increase in production during the 2nd World War. One such nursery was Howden Nurseries adjacent to California Gardens.

In 1960 Howden Nurseries the site of the present garden centre was purchased and the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, vegetables and flowers were greatly increased to satisfy the number of customers visiting the now much larger California Gardens.

But another demand was appearing!  More and more customers were asking for ornamental plants, trees, shrubs of all kinds; and at the same time they were requesting the equipment and materials to enjoy growing these plants; Pest control, compost, fertilizers, tools, furniture and all manner of gardening requirements.

The nursery became what is now known as a "Garden Centre" still owned by the same Hall Family assisted by a very loyal and knowledgeable staff.