Spring is in the air at California Gardens, lots of new shrubs, plants and stock arriving to solve all your gardening needs.  Fantastic display of new pots from Elho in the plastic pot department.  Stunning colours and classy designs.


Come to California Gardens & be inspired.

Steve's planters make an excellent gift!

Our Pumpkin Sales, Halloween Parties, Tombola & Cake Game Helped Us Raise Some Serious Cash...

The bridge going over the railway line on the A614 just past California gardens which is the road to the coast is now open.  Also, the planned roadworks in front of California Gardens along the A614 have now finished.  You can access California Gardens on the new tarmac surface with ease.  We hope to see you soon.  


Good companions

Companion plants don't just look pretty: they help deter the pests which attack your plants and attract in helpful pollinating insects for bumper crops. Sow marigolds now for planting with tomatoes and they'll confuse whitefly with their distinctive smell; nasturtiums under broad beans act as a decoy for blackfly; and poached-egg plants and sweetpeas planted among beans and peas draw in bees, hoverflies and other pollinators.