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"Ah, yes, autumn, when the trees blush at the thought of stripping naked in public."

Robert Brault

Christmas at California Gardens


Autumn Lawn Food & Moss Killer

Autumn lawn food and moss killer, 360 square metre bag was £30.17 our price £19.99. O…

Valid until 1 December 2015
From £ 30.17
£ 19.99
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Add a Splash of Colour to Your Garden


  Cyclamen for cool rooms            Camellias in lots of bud            


  From £3.25 to £6.99                    From £9.50                  

  Skimmias in flower/berries    Winter flowering heathers


       From £2.99                                    £2.99 each   

        to £36.00                                      or 4 for £10

                                       Heleborus Niger




Protect tender perennials

Protect delicate plants like cistus, fuchsias and penstemons by tucking bracken or straw around their bases to keep the worst of the frost off. Don't trim off dead top growth till next spring either: this also lends the roots some protection against freezing in the coldest weather.


Wedding Celebration Roses in stock, Silver, Ruby and Golden Anniversary.