Beat the Winter Blues

and Get Some Winter Colour

Add a Splash of Colour to Your Garden

Add Colour To Your Garden With Early Spring Flowering Shrubs









Come down to California Gardens to see our full array of early spring flowering shrubs.




A massive thank you...

Thank you to all the singers and talented musicians!

You sang wonderfully at our open night and created a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

Hope to see you again next year!

Goole Amateur Operatic Dramatic Society


£1800 For Cancer Research UK

With a target of £500 for Cancer Research UK by the sale of Pumpkins for Halloween, the phenomenal amount of £1800 has been raised by California Gardens, Howden.

Long standing employee Herbert Clark was instrumental in growing the bumper crop of Pumpkins, and through the generosity of the many customers from the Howden area and other visitors to the garden centre the Hall family and staff are justifiably pleased with the amount raised.

A cheque for £1800 was presented to Alison Coulthard from Ali’s Angels as the local representative for Cancer Research UK.


Wedding Celebration Roses in stockSilver, Ruby and Golden Anniversary. 

4 Seasons Garden Furniture



Stylish design and robust quality: celebrate being outdoors in every season with 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture! High-quality design furniture that allows you to enjoy the sun, but which can easily cope with a shower.

4 Seasons Outdoor offers garden furniture and accessories in wicker, stainless steel, and Textilene With its extensive range, 4 Seasons Outdoor has a set that suits every style and every garden. An innovative A-brand with class!

Plant of the Week: Hamamelis mollis

Plant of the Week: Hamamelis mollis

The Chinese witch hazel, Hamamelis mollis, casts a delicate, spidery spell on your garden throughout the winter months. You'll begin to notice its curiously curled lemony petals unfurling about now on bare branches; soon after, the air fills with a glorious spicy scent (enjoy its full intensity by cutting a branch and bringing it indoors).

It makes a large shrub, growing slowly to about 3m, and is happy in sun or shade (though you'll get the best of the flowers in a sunny spot as the scent is triggered by sunshine). The choice varieties include 'Goldcrest', with scarlet-centred blooms, and 'Wisley Supreme' with flowers of palest yellow.

Seed Potatoes Now in Stock

Seed Potatoes


We are now stocked with over 50 varieties of seed potatoes:

Seed potato bags

(2 - 2.5 kg)                     


Smaller bags

( 5 - 10 per pack) 

£1.99 to £2.49

Pick your own Charlottes   

5 for a £1.00

Onions and Shallots

In Stock Now We Have a Range of Onions, Shallots and Garlic


£1.99 - £2.99


£2.49 - £3.99



Presenting the cheque to Alison Coulthard ~ Cancer Research UK Representative

A cheque for £1800 was presented by Steve Featherstone, Anthony Laws & Joe Harkin to Alison Coulthard from Ali’s Angels as the local representative for Cancer Research UK.

Pumpkin Soup! Pumpkin Cream! Pumpkin Pie!

We’ve made a wonderful £1800 for

Cancer Research UK

but if you would like to give anything as little as 50p for a pumpkin to make pumpkin soup, pumpkin cream, pumpkin pie etc. We would be grateful for any amount of donation now Halloween is over.

Thank you


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Trim back vines

Trim back ornamental vines like Virginia creeper from around the eaves and doorframes of your house to keep them in bounds, always cutting back to a bud and training in any growth to their framework of wires. Remove older and overcrowded stems completely to keep the plant young and healthy.