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Palm Trees

Price Ranging from: £9.00 to £110.00

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Weber BBQs

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Lavender Hidcote & Stoechas

Price Ranging from: £3.25 to £5.60

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   Dwarf Conifers

   Syringa (Lilac)

   Fruit Trees




We stock a large variety of each plant so come down and choose your favourite!

"Dirty hands, iced tea, garden fragrances thick in the air and a blanket of colour before me, who could ask for more" - Bev Adams

Plant clematis

The best time to plant clematis is from late October to November, and you'll really notice how much better they'll perform than if you plant them in spring. Plant them nice and deep, so that the first pair of buds at the bottom of the stem are covered with earth, and, if possible, make sure the base of the plant is in shade - at least make sure it isn't in full sun.


Wedding Celebration Roses in stock, Silver, Ruby and Golden Anniversary.