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Herbert Clark is Proud to Harvest This Years Home Grown Crop of Pumpkins, All For Charity At California Gardens!
Herbert Clark of Howden, a long standing employee of California Gardens Howden, shown here with a bumper crop of Pumpkins with different varieties and sizes on offer.
Here he is seen harvesting a giant specimen, one of many to be sold at California Gardens, for Cancer Research UK, together with a selection of smaller pumpkins, bigger than a football and a great size to carve into your very own masterpiece.  This year an almost white pumpkin grown from ‘Pumpkin Snowman’ a Thompson & Morgan seed variety, is ideal for painting or carving to create a ghostly look for any doorstep.  They could also double up as a ‘snowman’ to display through the winter months leading up to Christmas.
This year California Gardens is donating the sale of every pumpkin sold to Cancer Research UK.  That’s right 100% of all the monies made by the sale of a pumpkin goes straight to Cancer Research UK.
Pumpkins will have a guide price from as little as £3.00 for a decent football sized pumpkin, £4.00 for a white/cream pumpkin, with large ones costing £5 or more.  Giant pumpkins sell for as much as £30!!
If California Gardens sell all the crop this year, over £500 could be raised for Cancer Research UK, …all with a lot of help from Herbert Clark.


September - October

Extend the life of your pots & give colour to your Autumn garden.

Cyclamens & Chrysanths are ideal for pots & window boxes.

Evergreen shrubs ~ create winter interest & colour throughout your garden.

Winter flowering Pansies, Heathers, Gentians & evergreen shrubs like Skimmia Rubella are all great for bedding.

Plant your Spring flowering bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus & Snowdrops now. 

New variety of Dwarf Wallflowers 'Sugar Rush' to flower in Autumn and again in Spring.



Wedding Celebration Roses in stockSilver, Ruby and Golden Anniversary. 

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Plant of the Week: Trees

Plant of the Week: Trees

Every tree has its moment of glory: brilliant scarlet autumn colours on Japanese maples, the glowing coppery bark of Tibetan cherries, or clusters of jewel-like berries on rowans.

But the real head-turners are trees with spectacular flowers. Plant Japanese cherries like 'Shirotae' for huge froths of blossom to outshine all others in the spring garden, with the possible exception of flowering magnolias, from waist-high 'Leonard Messel' to tall, stately M. grandiflora. The small dark flowers of the handkerchief tree (Davidia involucrata) are surrounded by huge, droopy white bracts in May, and evergreen Eucryphia x nymansensis 'Nymansay' bursts into papery cupped white flowers soon afterwards. 

Herbert Clark

Herbert pictured here with one of the many giant pumpkins on sale at California Gardens for Cancer Research UK

Halloween Products!

Variety of Halloween products now in stock.  Our own home grown pumpkins by our long standing employee Burt Clark are ready!  Various sizes and our giant premium pumpkins are available to give that extra wow factor.  All monies from the sale of a real pumpkin goes straight to Cancer Research UK.

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Herbaceous plants you dead-headed after flowering can now be cut down to ground level. Don't forget to pull up any weeds that may have seeded during the last few weeks before they set seed themselves, and add to whole lot to the compost heap. While we're on the subject of compost, make sure you continue to vary the materials you're adding ; add a huge lump of slimy herbaceous material in one go and it'll just sit there without rotting; instead alternate with layers of shredded twigs, paper or straw. If you haven't done it already, tender plants should be wrapped up for winter. Surround plants with a chicken wire ‘cage' and pack the space between the plant and the wire with straw (available from pet stores). The protruding parts of the plant will be frosted but the crown should be protected.;