Our Pumpkin Sales, Halloween Parties, Tombola & Cake Game Helped Us Raise Some Serious Cash...

The bridge going over the railway line on the A614 just past California gardens which is the road to the coast is now open.  Also, the planned roadworks in front of California Gardens along the A614 have now finished.  You can access California Gardens on the new tarmac surface with ease.  We hope to see you soon.  


Deadheading daffs

Daffodils have again given a wonderful show ; but when they are nearing the end of their flowering don't forget to deadhead them; use your finger and thumb to snap off the old flowerhead, below the bulbous swelling at the base of the bloom. If the old flower is left on the stalk, the plant's energy will be used in the production of seed. Unless you want the seed to sow on ; which is tricky and a little pointless where amateur gardeners are concerned ; it is waste of the plant's energy, which can more usefully be point towards flower formation for the following year.

Father Christmas